Slimming procedures in salons - the effectiveness of cosmetic body shaping procedures

Along with nutritional correction and sports, special procedures for losing weight in salons bring an equally effective result. There are a lot of them - some are aimed only at improving the condition of the skin, while others affect the fat layer. Any kind is characterized by certain effects and benefits. Read more about the most effective procedures for losing weight from the information with the photo below.

Slimming cosmetic procedures

All procedures that promote weight loss are divided into cosmetic and hardware. The latter are more effective in achieving results, but they are not as safe, because they have a greater number of contraindications. For this reason, many women opt for slimming beauty treatments in salons. They are characterized by a mild and relaxing effect. These procedures include:

  1. Bath. High temperature increases blood circulation, thereby speeding up the fat burning process.
  2. Cedar phyto barrel. It is a mini-sauna. Aimed at removing excess fluid, reducing the appearance of cellulite.
  3. Wraps and masks. These procedures are very similar to each other. They are hot or cold. Before the session itself, the body is scrubbed and then covered with professional products, which include a thalasso activator. The wrap acts on cellulite, removes toxic substances, nourishes the skin.
  4. Massage. The cosmetic nature is predominantly manual. Another type is acupuncture, which affects the special active points of the body. Massage procedures produce the effect of lymphatic drainage - improving blood flow, tightening body contours, and reducing cellulite.

Slimming hardware procedures

Choosing hardware weight loss, one can hope for a more effective result, but such procedures are more expensive than simple ones from cosmetology. They all have different ways of acting on the body. Some help to achieve the result through electric current, others through cold. There are procedures based on ultrasound or special cans that create a vacuum. Of the most effective salon procedures, the following can be distinguished:

  1. Mesotherapy. It consists in the introduction of special mixtures of biologically active substances under the skin, which accelerate the processes of fat breakdown.
  2. Cryotherapy. This session in the salon consists in exposing the skin to cold locally (cryoelectrophoresis) or in general (cryosauna).
  3. Ozone therapy. It is the process of introducing a preparation from a powerful ozone oxidizer into the fat layer. Thanks to him, fat melts in problem areas.
cryotherapy for weight loss

LPG massage

This procedure is indicated for cellulite, low skin elasticity, edema and local fat deposits. The unwanted layer in the problem area is tightened with special rollers. A vacuum effect is created under them, due to which the skin is kneaded. As a result, blood circulation is stimulated, metabolism in cells is enhanced. The effect will be noticeable even after one session. It is recommended to complete 6 of them in total to consolidate the effect.

LPJI massage is performed only over a special suit, which is worn before the session. It consists of an elastic endermologic tissue that ensures the hygiene of the procedure. In addition, the suit reduces pain when the device slides over the body, prevents the skin from stretching too much. The effect of the attachments can be different - from relaxing to aggressive, "breaking" fat cells.

LPG vacuum roller massage

Another type of salon procedure for which a massage with an LPG apparatus is used is lipomassage. It is performed without a special suit on open skin using anti-cellulite cosmetics and special oils. The difference between the procedure is that it helps to cleanse the epidermis from horny scales. In addition, without a suit, more sweat and sebaceous gland extract is released, i. e. slags and toxins are released more actively. Here are some more characteristics of lipomassage:

  1. Vacuum massage has a stronger effect on the work of the central and peripheral nervous system. This enhances metabolic processes.
  2. The roller massage machine is equipped with metal parts that easily slide on open skin, especially oil.
  3. Applying anti-cellulite formulations directly to the skin helps to further moisturize the skin.
  4. When massage without a suit, the specialist can better see problem areas and their changes.

Slimming massage

Professional current massage for weight loss is called myostimulation. A special suction cup - electrodes - is attached to the human body in the area of the larger muscles. Microcurrents are fed through them, creating a load, similar to that which is typical for training in the gym. This causes the muscles to contract, thereby wasting calories (up to 2000 per session) and burning fat. Myostimulation has a higher cost, but it is one of the most effective. For a good result, it is recommended to go through 10 sessions. Prohibited during pregnancy, critical days and tumors.

Body shaping program

No amount of diet or body wraps will help you get rid of the fat cell. They only reduce it, but with improper nutrition, its volume increases again. Cavitation is used to break the strong membrane of the fat cell and remove its contents. The principle of operation of such a body shaping program is similar to liposuction, when fat is removed in a specific problem area. Due to the action of the apparatus, bubbles form in the intercellular space of the fat cells. Then they burst and create a shock wave. This destroys the fat cell.

apparatus massage for weight loss

Removal of belly fat

Pressotherapy is a modern alternative to massage, because it replaces 10 of his sessions at once. You can lose up to 2-5 cm at a time. The effect of this procedure for belly reduction is based on the pressure that a person experiences when wearing a special suit. Air is injected into it with pauses from 0. 5 to 2 minutes, which leads to increased blood circulation. The impression is that you are wearing a corset. The result will be the elimination of excess fluid and weight loss. To consolidate the effect, it is necessary to undergo a course of 14 sessions with a frequency of 1 every 2 days.

Slimming SPA treatments

Salons can offer other interesting and enjoyable ways to lose weight. These are SPA slimming treatments. Among them, such areas as wraps, baths, peels and massages stand out. The latter are the most common. Massages can be combined with body wraps, aromatherapy, peeling. The manual option gives a good effect, because the pressure is felt better this way, and the body relaxes. Of the wrapping, the more pleasant and effective are:

  1. Chocolate. Rejuvenates, moisturizes the skin, helps to reduce the appearance of orange peel. Before the procedure in the salon, the body is steamed, then scrubbed, and then covered with a chocolate composition.
  2. Seaweed wrap. It is no less popular in most salons. Dilution of a special powder with essential oils enhances the effect of the procedure. The body relaxes and at the same time is toned.
chocolate slimming wrap

The price of slimming treatments in salons

When choosing a specific option from the above, not the last criterion is the price of slimming procedures in the salon. It is determined based on several factors. The cost depends on the qualifications of the specialist and the type of procedure, the degree of its effectiveness, the complexity of the procedure and the devices used.