Nutrition for gout

A disease such as gout develops when eating a large amount of foods containing purine bases and salts. Accumulating in the body, they contribute to the formation of crystals of urate salts on the surface of the shell of the joints. This is what causes severe bouts of pain when moving.

gout on foot how to eat

Of course, an optimal diet will reduce the clinical manifestations of gout, but a disturbed metabolism will not allow the disease to disappear completely. All those foods that can be eaten with gout should be the patient's diet, since proper nutrition is half the cure.

Foods to Avoid in Your Daily Diet

With gout, the patient, first of all, will have to give up all kinds of smoked meats, all types of sausages, salt, legumes. You can not eat fatty meat products, especially the meat of young animals, as well as fish.

It is necessary to completely abandon heavy foods such as mushrooms or lard. With gout, you should not flavor food with various seasonings and hot spices. In this case, the exception is bay leaf and table vinegar. In addition, the patient must give up strong alcoholic beverages, chocolate, cocoa, strong tea and coffee. Salted and spicy cheeses are also on the list of products that contribute to the development of exacerbations of the disease. In addition, you will have to give up rich meat soups and broths cooked on meat.

Foods that are allowed in limited quantities for gout

Patients with gout can dilute their menu with some products, strictly limiting the amount of their consumption. These foods include low-fat milk and butter. True, they can only be used as additives to the main dish, for example, to porridge. You can also use boiled poultry and fish with caution, it is better if it is trout or salmon. In moderation, you can eat tomatoes, ordinary cauliflower, any greens, juicy radishes. From fruits, you need to be extremely careful with plums.

What do you eat with gout?

What should the patient's menu for gout consist of? First of all, it should be rich in vegetable soups, it can also be served with cereals, low-fat fish, rabbit meat, cereals and pasta, low-fat dairy products such as yogurt, sour cream, and cheeses. Food without fear can be flavored with dill, seized with black and white bread. Animal proteins should be replaced with vegetable ones.

It is allowed to eat eggs, but not more than one per day. The menu can be replenished with any vegetables, except for the prohibited ones. As well as green apples, all berries except raspberries, oranges, tangerines. Dried fruits are very useful, with the exception of raisins, as well as honey, nuts, seeds. From sweets you can enjoy marshmallows, marmalade and jam. Food can be cooked in both butter and vegetable oil, but refractory fats, such as pork or mutton, should be completely abandoned.

As for drinks, you need to give preference to green tea, tea with milk or lemon, juices, any decoction of useful plants. In addition, you can drink fruit drinks, kvass, compotes from various fruits and berries. Useful application of specialized mineral water.

Unloading days for gout

It must be remembered that with gout it is recommended to carry out periodic fasting days. At the same time, you can eat only vegetables of one type all day long, for example, limit yourself to potatoes or green apples. If it is difficult to eat only one product during the day, then you can mix several types of vegetables or fruits and eat them in the form of salads. You can also choose a dairy, kefir or cottage cheese diet. At the same time, different aspects of the metabolic process are unloaded, which is very important for patients with gout.

For fasting days, you can use the rice-apple diet. To do this, boil 75 grams of rice in milk and take it in small portions. In between, you can eat apples both raw and in the form of compote. By the way, their number should not exceed 250 grams. And when preparing compote, you must completely abandon sugar.

It should be noted that although patients are recommended to conduct contrast fasting days, completely hungry days are prohibited. It is also impossible to arrange courses of therapeutic starvation, because due to the complete cessation of food intake into the body, uric acid is sharply added to the blood. As a result, an attack of gout begins.

Features of compiling a menu for gout

For patients with gout, you can recommend the following variant of the daily diet.

Breakfast should always consist of vegetable salad, delicious carrot-apple pudding, one egg, weak tea. For the second breakfast, you can prepare an unsweetened compote of rosehip berries. Lunch should be milk soup with pasta, simple potato pancakes, jelly. After lunch, you can eat fresh apples. And for dinner you can enjoy cheesecakes, meatless cabbage rolls, drink weak tea. Before going to bed, drink a decoction prepared using wheat bran.

It must be emphasized that the gout diet has a peculiar structure. It should be dominated by liquid and semi-liquid food in the form of vegetable soups, mineral waters, any compotes and fruit drinks, freshly squeezed juices and jelly, fruits and vegetables. In general, you need to drink 2-3 liters of fluid per day. And during fasting days, you can eat up to 2 kg of any vegetables.

When compiling a menu for a patient with gout, it is important to take into account the presence of other chronic diseases. So, for example, if a patient has high cholesterol, then he should not eat the yolk at all, and if he suffers from diabetes, then flour and bakery products should be taken in limited quantities, and sugar and sweets should be completely excluded.

Often gout occurs in combination with obesity. In such cases, a special diet is prescribed, referred to by medical professionals as diet No. 8. It eliminates the consumption of meat and fish to a greater extent and implies frequent fasting days, up to four times a week. And in general, gout patients are recommended to lose weight, because due to the large weight, the risk of frequent attacks increases. But at the same time, weight loss should not be too sharp, it should occur smoothly and imperceptibly.

And of course, with gout, you need to remember that the success of treatment depends on its complexity. Therefore, one should not be limited to one diet, even if it is chosen correctly, taking into account all the characteristics of the body. You can recommend the use of various physiotherapy procedures, and you can also do physiotherapy exercises, which is very important for strengthening the body. True, before this it is necessary to discuss this with a doctor.

But the procedures are prohibited if the patient has a period of exacerbation of the disease. At such moments, physical rest is recommended, the use of warm warming baths and compresses, warmth. Walking on the street has a beneficial effect on the body, including before eating, or immediately after eating.

And without a doubt, you should always keep in mind that gout can be controlled if you start paying attention to your health in time. Timely consultations with a doctor, modern medical and physiotherapy treatment, proper diet - and you will forget about your illness for many years, you will be able to lead a full, absolutely normal life.